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Located between Simeulue and Nias off the western coast of Sumatra,

the Banyak group consists of 99 islands, most of them uninhabited.

Due to their remote location, the Banyak Islands have remained something of a hidden gem.

They are a treasure trove of uncrowded waves, stunning beaches, and vibrant coral reefs.

"Surf uncrowded waves with just a few friends!"

Join our Boat Trip to the Banyak Islands and be part of the ultimate surfing experience.


Guided by Jeff and an experienced surf coach to make sure you get the best out of this unique experience.

You can free-surf anytime you want and you will have 2 guided sessions a day.

At night we’ll be analyzing your surf sessions.

All photo and video material shot during the surf trip will be yours to remember this amazing trip

and to keep on analyzing your surfing.


Stay tuned

To be announced really soon...

During the trip, there are potentially 12 different waves to surf,

some named, some secret, depending on conditions.

Our surf guide (fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Indonesian) will consult weather conditions

and surf forecast with the captain and the coaches each day

and together they decided where it's best to surf. 


There will also be opportunities to participate in other activities,

like exploring deserted beaches, snorkeling, free-diving and spearfishing. 

Jeff is an avid (spear)fisherman and will be happy to share this passion with you.

All the fish during the trip will be served as meal or given to the crew or local villagers.

Skip the crowds of Indonesia's more well-known surf spots and join us for empty waves and good vibes.

It’s the perfect trip to improve your surfing and get to the next surfing level,

but also to live a unique experience surfing the world’s best waves and enjoy Indonesia at its finest. 

This trip can be customized to your needs.

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